2015 Palm Street Films Script Contest

2015 Winners

$1,500 in cash prizes!  $1,000 for best feature and $500 for best short script!  PLUS all previous winning short film scripts have gone into production!


Here they are!  The Grand Prize Winners and Runners Up!


1st PLACE $1,000 GRAND PRIZE WINNER   Big Sister, Little Sister – Sandra Hunnicutt
2nd PLACE   Waking Up Dead – Tom Massmann
3rd PLACE    Fury Rising – Sheri Davenport
4th PLACE    Killing Zeke – Brandi Centeno and Jane Henriksen
5th PLACE    Friday Night Frenzy – Richard Stringham

1st PLACE $500 GRAND PRIZE WINNER    True Blue – Phil Yuhas
2nd PLACE   Flight – Sheri Davenport
3rd PLACE    Mean Creek – Daniel Gorforth
4th PLACE    Closed Finish – Travis Seppala
5th PLACE    Eggstatic – Lynne Hansen

Congratulations Winners!



Here they are, in alphabetical order, the top FIVE FINALISTS!


Big Sister, Little Sister – Sandra Hunnicutt
Friday Night Frenzy – Richard Stringham
Fury Rising – Sheri Davenport
Killing Zeke – Brandi Centeno and Jane Henriksen
Waking Up Dead – Tom Massmann

Closed Finish – Travis Seppala
Eggstatic – Lynne Hansen
Flight – Sheri Davenport
Mean Creek – Daniel Gorforth
True Blue – Phil Yuhas

Congratulations finalists!


Here they are, in alphabetical order, the top TEN SEMI-FINALISTS!


  1. Big Sister, Little Sister – Sandra Hunnicutt
  2. Fair Play – Michael Pica
  3. Family Reunion – Gina Lee Ronhovde
  4. Friday Night Frenzy – Richard Stringham
  5. Fury Rising – Sheri Davenport
  6. Grace – Jeffrey Allen Russel & Lynda Lemberg
  7. If I Need You – Scott Honea
  8. Killing Zeke – Brandi Centeno and Jane Henriksen
  9. Torn – Bruce Rose
  10. Waking Up Dead – Tom Massmann


  1. A Grave Error – Evan Unruh/Dirk Sanders
  2. Ave Maria – Jane Therese
  3. Closed Finish – Travis Seppala
  4. Dream House – Taylor Albertson
  5. Eggstatic – Lynne Hansen
  6. Flight – Sheri Davenport
  7. Mean Creek – Daniel Gorforth
  8. The Ice Road – Taylor Albertson
  9. True Blue – Phil Yuhas
  10. Walk With The Devil – Alison C. Hall

Congratulations to you all!!  The top FIVE FINALISTS will be announced on Monday May 25, 2015 with the GRAND PRIZE winners announced on June 1, 2014.




YEAR ONE WINNER, Carly Street’s Fragile Storm was produced starring legendary Hollywood actor Lance Henriksen!




YEAR TWO WINNER, John Whetstone’s  The Interrogation was produced and went on to premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival as well as Dances With Films.




YEAR THREE WINNER, Fred Perry’s Five Days In Calcutta is going into production this summer!


Final deadline for submissions will be April 30, 2015 with winners being announced on June 1, 2015.


  • Top 10 Semi-Finalists in each category announced on May 18, 2015
  • Top 5 Finalists in each category announced on May 25, 2015
  • First Place Grand Prize Winners in each category announced on June 1, 2015

PRIZES:   $1,500.00 in total cash prizes!

  • One First Place Winner FEATURE script:  $1,000.00 cash
  • One First Place Winner SHORT script: $500.00 in cash
  • Five Finalists in both FEATURE and SHORTS categories
  • Ten Semi-Finalists in both FEATURE and SHORTS categories

For a total of 20 winners!  So this could be your chance!



  • SHORT script – before April 17th – $20.00
  • FEATURE script – before April 17th  – $30.00
  • COMBO DEAL – (1) FEATURE plus (1) SHORT – before April 17th – $40.00

Early Deadline Submissions:


  • Electronic submissions only (PDF files only in 12 pt courier).
  • Feature scripts need to be 70 pages or more and short scripts need to be 40 pages or less.
  • Writers from all countries are welcome to enter but all scripts must be in English.
  • The script must be the writers original work and writer must own all copyright.  At no point will Palm Street Films, LLC ever have any rights over your work.
  • All ages are welcome.
  • You may enter as many scripts as you like and you will receive a small discount for entering up to two at time.
  • We will NOT accept any new drafts of a script, edited pages, or change in title once it has already been entered.
  • Previously optioned, purchased or produced scripts are not eligible.
  • The winners will grant Palm Street Films, LLC the right use their name and script title on the website for announcement of winners and promotional purposes.
  • We reserve the right to extend the submission deadline and subsequent winner announcements if the contest gets an overwhelming response.
  • Palm Street Films reserves the right to cancel the contest and refund all submissions if we do not receive at least 50 total submissions.
  • Writers understand that the concept and characters in their scripts may contain similar elements to projects being developed by any individual or company working with Palm Street Films, LLC; and that you will not attempt to file any claim against Palm Street Films, LLC, or their associates and judges, at any time.
  • All decisions are final.


Writer/Director Dawn Fields

Dawn Fields, president of Palm Street Films.LLC, is an award-winning filmmaker who has over twenty years of production experience working for such companies as Twentieth Century Fox, LucasFilm, Tri-Star, ABC, NBC Universal, Morgan Creek, Rat Productions, Lorimar, Orion and Aaron Spelling.

She has worked as a producer, director, writer and editor and has a background in development, acquisitions, social media, crowdfunding and independent distribution.  She has raised over $100,000 for her films through crowdfunding and was recently awarded Best Director and Best Short Film at the 2015 Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema for the short film FOUND.  She also teaches live seminars and online courses on film production and crowd funding.  For more information visit: www.Film411.com

Dawn Fields on IMDB.


Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Ms. Fields began her career working in production on large budget feature films that were shooting in the southeast in the early 1990’s.  From there she moved up to Assistant Director and Production Manager on short-form projects ranging from high profile commercials to music videos, shorts and independent features.  Ms. Fields has written and directed seven short films, including the award-winning FOUND, and is currently in development on her first feature film.

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