Award-winning director Dawn Fields

Award-winning director Dawn Fields

Palm Street Films was founded by multi-award-winning filmmaker Dawn Fields who has over twenty years of production experience working for such companies as Twentieth Century Fox, LucasFilm, Tri-Star, ABC, NBC Universal, Morgan Creek, Rat Productions, Lorimar, Orion and Aaron Spelling.

She speaks on filmmaking panels, teaches webinars and seminars and has a background in development, acquisitions, social media, crowdfunding and independent distribution.  She has raised over $150,000 for her films through crowdfunding and was recently awarded several Best Director and Best Short Film awards for Fragile Storm (starring Lance Henriksen) and FOUND (starring Juan Riedinger and Danny Herb).

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Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Ms. Fields began her career working in production on large budget feature films that were shooting in the southeast in the early 1990’s.  From there she moved up to Assistant Director and Production Manager on short-form projects ranging from high profile commercials to music videos, shorts and independent features.  Ms. Fields has written and directed seven short films and is currently in development on her first feature film.